Animal Stories

Animated poems, affectionately narrated by Sir Nigel Hawthorne.

Simple, fresh and lots of fun, Animal Stories takes a humorous look at the lives, loves and concerns of the animal kingdom, viewed from a child’s perspective. Each episode features a different animal and asks a question about their life that all children can relate to.

What is life like for a Pig who thinks he’s too fat, a Polar Bear who doesn’t like the cold, a Penguin who can’t fly or an expectant Frog father whose life is about to change by the arrival of hundreds of babies? Animal Stories shines a light on the natural world with both warmth and wit, that helps us all better understand some of life’s little problems.

“I feel so cold it’s just not fair.
How can I be a Polar Bear?” …
“Polar Bear knew as Mum gave him a hug,
that love is the best for keeping you snug.”

“Pointy the Hedgehog hated the Autumn.
When leaves left the trees, his spiky bit caught ‘em.”

“Be careful, be wary and don’t talk to strangers.
And then you’ll avoid some of life’s little dangers.”

“Pigs are pigs and pigs are fat.
I am a pig and that is that!”

Created by Trevor Ricketts and Christopher O’Hare. Developed and directed by Tony Collingwood

Music composed by Andrew Dimitroff.

Premiere on CiTV UK.

Collingwood & Company © 1998


BAFTA Winner – Best Pre-School Animation.

Show Information

Duration: 52 x 5’ episodes

Target: Preschool

Distributor: Foothill Entertainment

Title Sequence

Clive the Hamster

The Frog