Dennis & Gnasher!

The Beano’s Dennis the Menace and his trusty canine side-kick Gnasher, burst onto CBBC in the first animated adventures of Dennis & Gnasher in 1998.

The classic family sit-com format sees comic prankster Dennis outwit arch rivals Walter and Matilda every week, and always ready with a comedy custard pie in the face of authority – including his long-suffering parents, neighbour The Colonel and Beanotown’s policeman, Sgt Slipper.

Appearing in The Beano for some 70 years now, Dennis, the original ‘professional’ 10-year old boy, continues to be a mascot for mayhem for countless generations.

The series was written and directed by Tony Collingwood and produced with rights-holders D.C. Thomson and Hit Entertainment.

“The Beano” is a trademark of and © DC Thomson & Co. Ltd. Associated characters are © DC Thomson & Co. Ltd.

Theme Tune composed by Roger Jackson.

Music composed by Andrew Dimitroff

DC Thompson © 1995


BAFTA nominated.

Show Information

Duration: 26 x 30’ episodes

Target: 6-9 yr olds

Distributor: Hit Entertainment

Season 2 Titles