Eddy & the Bear

The continuing adventures of a little boy, Eddy, and his first ever friendship – with a great big brown Bear!

“We’re so silly! And we don’t care!
A very silly boy and a very silly bear!
There’s never been a pair as silly as weeeee!
There never ever was, and there never will be!”

Set in the perennial summer of childhood, this charming, multi-award-winning series follows Eddy and the Bear’s daily adventures in the woods and the weird and wonderful worlds of their imaginations. It’s about seeing life with a fresh pair of eyes, with Bear introducing Eddy to the natural world and Eddy often confusing Bear with tales of a modern world full of rules, school and technology. As this unlikely pair explores the differences between their worlds, they also find a harmony between them and enjoy the silliest of friendships.

Based on the best-selling children’s book series, Where’s My Teddy, It’s the Bear and My Friend Bear written by Jez Alborough; also adapted for television as a half-hour animated special.

Narrated by Frances de la Tour and starring Robert Lindsay as Bear and Rupert Garnsey as Eddy.

Music composed by Phillip Appleby.

Premiered on ITV.

Collingwood & Company © 2000


BAFTA winner – Best Pre-School Animation Series. Golden Pulcinella for Best Character of The Year and Best Series of The Year for Infants at Cartoons on the Bay.

Show Information

Duration: 26 x 10’ episodes

Target: Pre-school

Distributor: Foothill Entertainment

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The Rocket Ship

Best Things in Life