Gordon the Garden Gnome

“Put your Puddle-busters on, and let’s get mucky!”

Join Gordon the Garden Gnome as he takes care of all the plants and animals in his garden. His best friend Andrew the Worm and Gnome neighbours, Percy, Jerome and Rosie, will all help out.

Two naughty slugs, Lez and Dez, will stop by for a spot of lunch in the vegetable patch and the Chief Gnome and his charming wife Gladioli will drop in to check how everyone’s getting along. There’s plenty to do preparing for the Best Garden Competition, Turnip Tuesday and Meadow Mow Day. There’s honey and scarecrows to be made, jungle excursions to be had, plus rare plants and magical fairy rings to discover. Or maybe you’ll help solve the mystery of The Smelly Boots!

This quirky animated series nurtures an awareness of the environment in young children. The nature-themed stories explain about plants, animals and the seasons, and show the fun of simple gardening activities from planting and digging, to growing prize marrows and making compost!

UK’s gardening guru Alan Titchmarsh stars as the fun-loving Gordon the Gnome.

The production team worked with Kew Gardens to check important plant facts and Eureka! The Children’s Museum in Halifax to create an exciting Gordon Gnome experience to launch the series.

Gordon Gnome was created by Allan Plenderleith and produced for CBeebies in the UK, ZDF Germany and TVO Canada.

Collingwood & Company © 2004

Show Information

Duration: 52 x 11’ episodes

Target: Pre-school

Distributor: Endemol

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