Pond Life

Collingwoods produced the second series of Candy Guard’s highly acclaimed and gloriously funny adult animated sitcom Pond Life.

The series follows the delightfully neurotic Dolly Pond, a young woman facing many modern-day issues and dilemmas that strike a chord with women everywhere.

Dolly longs to break free of life in ‘The Pond’ – the claustrophobic society of her cul-de-sac home in a small city suburb. She’s stifled by her seemingly ‘crap’ family and friends, who she feels hold her back and suppress her true fantastic personality. She is utterly convinced that around the corner there is always a great job, a new bunch of interesting friends and family that won’t embarrass her; and of course a wonderful, charming, witty new boyfriend!

If you don’t recognise yourself in Dolly, you will surely know someone like her!

Written and Directed by Candy Guard.

Channel 4 / Collingwood & Company © 1999

Show Information

Duration: 6 x 30’ and 1 x 11 episodes

Target: Adult

Distributor: ...

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