RARG was Tony Collingwood’s debut film as an animator, writer and director.

RARG is a land so perfect that the sun never rises until it is absolutely sure that everyone is awake. It is a fabulously inventive world, where the population thrives on making exciting new discoveries. Until one day, an astonishing discovery is made that will shake the very foundations of Rargian society. The Rargians discover that they are just a dream! They are being dreamt by a man called Edwin Barnes, who is in imminent danger of being woken up by his alarm clock!!

And so the adventure to save their extraordinary world begins. A gateway from the dream world into reality is constructed and three specially soundproofed Rargians are sent through it on a dangerous mission, into Edwin’s bedroom to keep him asleep!

RARG’s underlying premise, of the vibrancy of the dream world, became the springboard for the creation of the company’s first long form animated series, Captain Zed & The Zee Zone.

RARG is narrated by Sir Nigel Hawthorne with exceptional warmth and gravitas and features the character voices of Michael Gough and Ronnie Stevens.

Music composed by Phillip Appleby and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Collingwood & Company © 1989


BAFTA nominated.

Show Information

Duration: ½ hour special

Target: Family

Distributor: Foothill Entertainment


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