The King’s Beard

A fantastical fairytale set in the Mirrored Kingdom of King Cuthbert, where the King is celebrated for having the longest beard in the world. Everyone wants to look ‘Just like the King’, sporting long hair and flowing beards, but the King’s beard is no royal fashion statement; it hides a dark secret of sibling rivalry and revenge!

When Rufus tries to cut off the King’s beard to save his failing barbershop, he finds himself at the centre of a magical adventure with the fate of the Kingdom, quite literally, held in the balance.

Rufus’ journey from selfish young boy to hero takes many twists and turns. Lost within the King’s beard he’s befriended by a community of mice and a furry Babble – a creature that can say nothing for himself but repeats everything he hears! He falls in love with Sophie, a young fairy whose health is failing following the loss of her magic wand. Then he discovers the terrible truth about the spell, cast by Cuthbert’s evil twin brother, Jasper, with a stolen wand, which allows the King’s beard never to be cut! To save Sophie and the Kingdom, Rufus must recover the stolen wand and defeat Jasper in an epic battle of good versus evil.

Written and Directed by Tony Collingwood – now a modern classic!

Principal Cast: Jim Broadbent, Allan Corduner, Robin Edwards, Peter Egan, Maria Darling, , Maureen Lipman, Colin McFarlane, Kerry Shale.

Music and Songs composed by Phillip Appleby.

Collingwood & Company © 2000

Show Information

Duration: 70’ TV feature

Target: Family

Distributor: ITV Global Entertainment