Comedy Action Adventure Series – Coming Soon!

A Boy from the NOW you know, sent back to a PAST you don’t!

THORGAR is a 12-year-old kid from Earth, who finds out he’s really from the magical, mystical land of Castavia. (It’s a portal thing.)

He thought he was an orphan, but finds out he has a kid sister called NEE-NAR. Or is she his mother? (Don’t ask. It’s an enchantment thing.)

He is destined to be ‘The Saviour of Castavia’.

The brave and bold warrior, WHATS-HIS-NAME, is assigned as his protector. (What’s his name? Too long for a fast pace show. Move on.)

What’s it about? Weird, crazy stuff that stretches the meta-cartoon concept to the point where it goes fish. (It’s a quest show with a modern day kid as the hero. And it’s funny. And a bit weird.)

Can this modern-day kid, more used to living his life in the fantasy world of computer games, cut it fighting real fire-breathing dragons, witches, trolls and Screaming Ab-Dabs? The Foggerty Fogal of Fume and his Oracle side-kick, Floaty Eye, seem to think so.

Thorgar must defeat Castavia’s many adversaries, from the deadly Puddle Heads of Slosh to the cult of The Cartonites, to prove he’s a hero!

But like any kid, Thorgar has doubts… Can he really be Castavia’s ‘Saviour’? Or is he punching above his weight?

Only time will tell…

Thorgar! Hoo! Harr!

Pilot Available on request.

The Thorgar Pilot premiered at the Cartoon Forum September 2017.

Written and created by Tony Collingwood
Directed by Tony Collingwood / Andrea Tran
Produced by Helen Stroud / David Elden
Designs by Mike Zarb
Music by David Schweitzer.

Show Information

Duration: 52 x 11-minutes

Target: 6-11s

Distributor: Seeking Pre-Sale & Co-production Partners