Tony's Sketchbook

Delightful doodles, poems and original stories from Tony Collingwood’s personal “Sketchbook”.

In this unique portfolio of bite-sized stories and poems, Tony Collingwood brings funny and fantastical characters to life on the page in front of your very eyes.

Narrating as he draws, Tony also shares personal introductions and his top tips on ‘How to draw’ some of his delightful creations.

Meet Mabel the Cow, who dares to be different, in *The Cow Who Went Baa*.

Enjoy the touching, comical misunderstanding between The Girl & The Spider and wonder at magical tales from faraway lands, with A Splot and his Pot, and The Tumbling Timbles.

Whether it’s the tall tale of a Monster who lives under a little boy’s bed, the sad story of a lonely Shouty Ogre, or the true story of a Teddy Bear called Cuthbert, Tony’s stories are a surprise and a delight for all the family.

And if you’re short of time but could do with a quick giggle-fix, there’s the laugh-out-loud sillness of Tony’s ‘Short Poems for Busy Kids’!

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Tony’s Sketchbook is a Collingwood & Co, co-venture with Little Dot Studios.

Show Information

Duration: 9 x 3-5 Minute Shorts

Target: Kids / Family

Distributor: Wizz App/YouTube: Little Dot