'Tales from No-Such Town' Launches on CBeebies Radio

'Tales from No-Such Town' Launches on CBeebies Radio

24 May 2017


Championing original content for the new digital landscape, CBeebies Radio has specially commissioned ten radio plays of “TALES FROM NO-SUCH TOWN” from award-winning animation producers Collingwood & Co.

TALES FROM NO-SUCH TOWN are whimsical modern fables, infused with simple life lessons. Perfect listening for long car journeys over the summer holidays!

The first of 10 original stories *Premieres on BBC iPlayer Radio App-
CBeebies Radio from 1st June 2017*(continuing until the end of August 2017)
and on CBeebies’ Website Tuesday 6th June 2017 (with new episodes every Tuesday until the 8th August 2017)

A child was once asked if they preferred radio or television. The child replied, “Radio, because the pictures are better.” Good radio is about combining the imagination of the storyteller with that of the listener. TALES FROM NO-SUCH TOWN has been created to do just that; encouraging listening skills and introducing a new generation to the joys of the radio play (traditionally the preserve of Radio 4!) Tony Collingwood the show’s creator says “It’s like watching a cartoon show with your eyes shut!”

Our stories follow 6-year-old Billy and his best friend, Oswin the Bear as they play together in No-Such Town – a magical little place, filled with no-such houses, no-such animals, and no-such people; including friends Najma and Alice the Otter and the cleverest person in town, Professor Clever Clogs.

Magic literally floats in on the breeze in No-Such Town, creating a feeling that anything can happen. And it does! It once made everyone have the same dream on the same night, and even led to Billy discovering a new magic word by mistake.

And then there was the day chairs came alive and everyone had furniture races around town! Or the day Billy made a birthday wish to have a birthday every single day; and his wish came true! By the end of the year, Billy was 369 years old! Billy also discovered ‘the cloud that never goes away’ and found a new magic word that made all his wishes come true!

Whatever happens in No-Such Town, Billy can always rely on his friends to help him make sense of it all!

Created, written & illustrated by Tony Collingwood.
Produced by Collingwood & Co.
Executive Producer CBeebies Radio, Johnny V Leagas
Featuring the vocal talents of David Holt and Emma Tate.
Music by Mark Dyson.