Tony's Sketchbook receives BAFTA Nomination

Tony's Sketchbook receives BAFTA Nomination

22 October 2018

We’re delighted to announce that TONY’S SKETCHBOOK has received a BAFTA nomination in the Short Form Category in this year’s Children’s BAFTA awards.

The shortlisted episode, A Cow Who Went Baa, is one of a selection of comic poems and stories, written, narrated and drawn by Tony Collingwood for Little Dot’s online Wizz App/Channel, launched in April this year.

It tells the tale of Mable the Cow, who simply doesn’t feel right ‘Mooing’ like all the other cows, and longs to find her own unique voice. When she does find it, with her first tentative ‘Baaa’, Mable proves herself an inspiration to other animals in the farmyard, encouraging them to be true to themselves and not to be afraid of being different.

Mable the Cow’s courageous story, and many others including The Shouty Ogre, A Splot & His Pot, The Girl & the Spider, Fred and Short Poems for Busy Kids can all be viewed on the Wizz App and/or the Wizz YouTube Channel Tony’s Sketchbook Wizz Original